I am a woman in a relationship with nature.

A Naturopathic Medicine Therapist, a Nutritionist with spiritual verve. An enthusiast of the performances which are brought to us by nature in its infinite space.

When I get to introduce myself, I am a woman in a relationship with nature. My job is essentially to promote a healthy natural lifestyle, to bring out the unlimited human potential. I tell people how to activate natural self-healing forces that all the life forms have.

I help people on the level of both their souls and their bodies so that they could paint the most beautiful picture of themselves.

I take part in various workshops and classes. Starting from body work, movement, breath, energy, personal growth, and finishing with classes on natural medicine, herbal medicine, body cleanse and natural supplements.

In 2016 I graduated from College Of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in Dublin. I became a Naturopathic Nutrition Practitioner. It was a particularly intense period of time. The knowledge gained as well as all the practice made me realise how important it is to understand and to master at least the basics of human anatomy and physiology in order to be able to react immediately and confidently to the observed signals sent every day by the body.

The important thing is for health to be unceasing in us. And each and every day is an ocean of knowledge, experience and everlasting admiration.



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I am a woman
in a relationship with nature.

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