What does a typical consultation look like?

Before the consultation.

If a person is determined to have a consultation, I send him or her a questionnaire with a series of questions and tasks which should be dealt with before the visit.

Standard questions: age, height, weight.

Detailed questions, i.e. I ask for presenting a three-day diet record. Also, a couple of individually tailored questions that vary depending on a problem the person comes with.

All the recent medical test results should be prepared and presented. And all the prescription drugs, patent medicines, supplements and herbs which were used during the month preceding the consultation should be listed.


A filled-in questionnaire should be sent back one day before the consultation at the latest.

Consultation takes about an hour.

During the consultation I ask a lot of detailed questions concerning health history, as well as the current state of health. A brief family history of diseases. Discussing individual organ systems. Eating habits analysis and making a draft of future protocol.

A very important aspect of consultation is confidentiality, freedom of feelings and freedom of expression

Skin, tongue, nails and pupils are examined. Body map sends a lot of valuable information

Setting clear goals for a person is an important factor, as is his or her degree of motivation. Not everyone is immediately ready for big changes. Then, I slowly pick appropriate methods which restore organism’s balance

Consultation takes place in person or via Skype

After the consultation I prepare a treatment protocol which I send back within 48 hours. Next consultation is usually scheduled four or five weeks after the initial appointment. This one is shorter and devoted to analysis or extending the treatment. Everything depends on the progress made by the person consulted

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