Written in Body, Sweated off to the World, Harmonised in Yourself

There is a place close to you; in fact, it is in you. It pulsates with a consistent rhythm, it adjusts to the emotions and situations you are in. It tops up your presence every moment of your existence. It slips between trembling tears and snorting with joy. It accompanies you all along the way, an inseparable detail of your whole self…

But… There are moments when the affairs of this world separate our common ground of mutual relations. You feel that you cannot go on, that deep down there is nothing more. Just a few more trips

And there it is…


It may be brought to you while admiring the night sky full of stars. In it there is some undisputed strength and power of approaching

Solace is brought

By dancing…

If you express the colourfulness of your soul in motion, it will heal you. If you let yourself get your tension out, it will go away.

Through dance tell your story to the world…

Body work, dance are my passion. Actually, I have been dancing since childhood. I have gone through different styles and rhythms. Once, I discovered that dance steps are the least important; the most important is the flow.

I felt that it is us who develop the rhythm, not the music, and it is equally beautiful to dance to silence.

Spontaneous dance is a free way of expressing yourself in any space, in a rhythm that is not imposed and to the sound you hear at a given moment. Dance broadens the space we haven’t even fully discovered yet. It melts boundaries, releases individual beauty, creates harmony between mind, body and soul.

Body work is meeting our physicality. Through movement called dance, through touch and expressing your own Self.

We do not have to know the steps, we ourselves feel which move would like to be made right now. Through dance we express our emotions: joy, sadness, strength, fear, contentment, anger. Through dance we become authentic, connected to the essence of ourselves.

Dance is the story of our own inner beauty which we share with the world, of our lyricism, chaos, high and low tides

Of sunrises and sunsets.

Dance as if no one is watching…