Naturopathic Nutritionist

“We should nourish our body the way we breathe.” And when the world started to exist people fed themselves on ethereal pollen from the plant kingdom. The smell was floating in the fresh air nourishing not only body but also soul. People fed themselves on living water and all the plants they found on their way.

With time, they improved their dwellings and started to grow plants and breed animals. They began to move further and further away from the natural form of nutrition.


Today, with the abundance of food products, the human body is not nourished and the soul is hungry and thirsty for a subtle form of satisfaction.

However, a joyous observation is the fact that good news is spreading across the fields and meadows, reviving the awareness of the connection between people and nature, and offering all that is the best for our common good.


Naturopathic nutritionist’s medical practice is based on the use of whole organic foods and additional nutrients. He or she provides clues on how to and helps to:

adjust to healthy eating habits

balance body weight

cleanse the body

eliminate foods which are not well-tolerated by the body

identify nutrient deficiencies

develop a treatment plan built around additional nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, probiotics

Naturopath’s protocol is developed in accordance with the imbalance in the body.


It combines:

eating habits change


flower extracts

additional nutrients

lifestyle change