Who is a Naturopath?

Naturopath is a person who reminds us that we are all a part of Nature, a very important and strong female or male element in the universe. And the lives we live should be in tune with the rhythm of the Great Mother’s Song.

Naturopath gives you suggestions on how to – cooperating with nature and basing on the ways of eating, hydrating the organism, breathing, moving, resting – safely come back to balance on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional..


Naturopathic practice is based on the Seven Principles of Naturopathic Medicine.


Balance is not equality, but an appropriate proportion to Here and Now. As a Naturopath I try to establish optimal health on each level of those mentioned above (body, mind and spirit). Such a state brings on wellness. And wellness is a bliss!

Treating the Cause

Naturopath does not diagnose. Naturopath identifies the source of disease on all levels. He or she focuses on the cause of the imbalance, not on the symptoms. The symptoms are signs that somewhere deeper something does not work in synergy with the entirety.

First Do No Harm

Only natural and safe methods and medicinal substances are applied. The risk of harmful side effects is minimal That is why it is so important to take patient’s medical history in order to avoid any interaction with chemical substances he or she is currently using.

Treat the whole person

The total state of health is made up of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental factors which interact with one another. A fully harmonised state of health is a balance achieved on all of these levels.

Preventive medicine

Prevention is better than cure. Having observed even minor ailments, we should react in order to avoid the development of more serious diseases. Naturopath’s task is to educate people, patients so that they learn how to support health.

Naturopath: Doctor as Teacher

I give suggestions and guide people I work with. I encourage and motivate them to take responsibility for their health, nutrition and lifestyle. I always emphasize that I do not treat, I do not cure. I pass the knowledge that resides also in you. I will not tell you what is best for you. I will clue you in on how to activate your self-repairing forces. I have also been taught that, although I have made a lot of observations myself.

The Healing Power of Nature

All living systems have an innate ability to heal themselves, an inborn and undisturbed vital force which promotes self-healing, self-regeneration and self-cleansing. The Naturopath’s role is to guide a person to regaining this natural self-healing process.